Privacy Laws effecting E-commerce.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

With MAILCHIMP and other marketing platforms leaving Shopify, how does customer privacy effect e-commerce?

Mailchimp announced that its partnership and integration with Shopify will be coming to an end due to disputes over the latter's privacy policy.

"As of March 21, Mailchimp announced heartbreaking news for Shopify stores. It will no longer be in the Shopify App Store and its integration with Shopify will discontinue on or before May 12, 2019. This decision will abruptly impact a lot of Shopify stores that depend on Mailchimp's email marketing automation service." -Bekeeting

Let's talk about 2 things: how we keep our businesses on top and how this affects e-commerce.

A blow to some and a step up

It's undeniable that many stores live on Shopify, but as new technology emerges (and new laws), tech companies have flourished into the platform space.

Shopify's limited basic plan ($29 per month) restricted many functions needed in todays fast growing market. Small platforms like simvoly, lotto and square space are breaking grounds by offering multiple marketing and e-commerce integrations directly from their platform, without the need for any 3rd party software or an APP store, at the same monthly price.

For anyone starting a new business, it's best to avoid Shopify. BOLD businesses are always kept up to date on the latest and take all changes into consideration when new businesses are built. Suppliers look into their sales data and go over which stores are making the most sales - and which platforms they use.

Among waining support on the stock exchange, concerns of MLM among its partner program and declining to release customer results, Shopify is facing backlash and may not be the best platform to build on at the moment.

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